• Bell SMS

    Send & receive SMS on your Lanka Bell CDMA telephone. With Lanka Bell CDMA enjoy SMSing your friends to your hearts desire.

    To any Lanka Bell CDMA phone an SMS will cost you just 20 cents per message (plus taxes), while to any other network in Sri Lanka it will also be just 20 cents per message (plus taxes) and 5/- per message (plus taxes) to any other country.

    Send your message clearly at a fraction of the cost with Bell SMS.

  • Bell E-Mail via SMS

    From Lanka Bell, comes a convenient and effective way you can send and receive Emails. This is a feature you now have at your disposal in your versatile Lanka Bell CDMA phone. You don't need a computer but your Lanka Bell CDMA phone enables you to use this facility.

    1. How do I register for Email via SMS?

    Before you begin to send or receive any Emails, you would need to Register for this Facility.
    To register:
    You would have to send an Email to 1567 with the following message : email<space>reg
    On receiving your message, you would receive a confirmation via SMS from the Call Centre saying ‘Registration Successful”
    You can then begin using this Email facility.
    There would also be a (one-time) Registration Fee of Rs. 100/- for this facility

    2. Once you register your email address will be as follows

    <Your area code><your telephone number>
    Eg: If your telephone number is : 011 567 6767, Your Email address will now be:

    You can then ask your friends and family to e-mail you.
    There is no extra cost for receiving Emails on your Lanka Bell CDMA phone.

    3. How do I send an Email?

    To send an Email follow the same procedure as you would to send an SMS, and enter your message.
    To send an email type email<space>receiver’s email address<space>your message and send it to 1567
    Eg: You want to invite your friend Nimal, whose email address for a birthday party, you would type:
    email<space><space>would be looking forward to your Company at my birthday party on the 24th August at 6.30 pm.
    Also note that Emails containing attachments or pictures cannot be sent through a Lanka Bell CDMA phone.

    4. How do I read an Email I have received ?

    This feature is just like reading an SMS. Go to your InBox and scroll down to the Email you want to access.

    6. How much would I have to pay to send an email.?

    You would be charged a nominal fee of Rs.2/- plus taxes per email. All incoming Emails are free of charge. 

  • Bell BMS

    Introducing BMS from Lanka Bell. All The information you ever needed to keep you ahead of the rest is now just an SMS away.

    How does it work?

    Simply type the key word code and send to 1588 and get your updates. BMS - Because information is power.

    How much will it cost?

    All BMS updates would be charged at Rs 2.50/- (excluding taxes)
        Description Keyword
        National News NN
        International News IN
        Exchange Rates EXR
        SL Flight Information SLF
        Business News & Financial News BFN
        Weather News WN

  • Bell FMS

    What is FMS?

    Fun Message Service is a product where customers can request for content on various topics, jokes, quotes, sports news etc...

    How does it work?

    Customers will have to key-in the relevant key word and send to 1588. Content will come in form of a SMS

    How much will it cost?

    Rs. 2.50/- + taxes for each request

    Given below is the list of key words

    Bollywood Category Keyword
    Bollywood Movie Reviews BR
    Bollywood News BN
    Bollywood Gossip BG
    Bollywood Top -10 Movies BTM
    Bollywood Top-10 Songs BTS
    Hollywood Category Keyword
    Hollywood Movie Reviews HR
    Hollywood News HN
    Hollywood Gossip HG
    Hollywood Top-10 Movies HTM
    Hollywood Top-10 Songs HTS
    Other Category Keyword
    Jokes on SMS JOK
    Sinhala Top - 10 Songs STS
    Tips TP
    Quotes QT

    Cricket Category Keyword
    Cricket Scores CRI
    Sports News SN
    Daily Astrology Category Keyword
    Aries DAS ARI
    Taurus DAS TAU
    Gemini DAS GEM
    Cancer DAS CAN
    Leo DAS LEO
    Virgo DAS VIR
    Libra DAS LIB
    Scorpio DAS SCO
    Sagittarius DAS SAG
    Capricorn DAS CAP
    Aquarius DAS AQU
    Pisces DAS PIS

  • Smart Forward

    ENJOY! the benefis of Online Bell Call Forwarding

    NOW you can automatically forward all incoming calls to another fixed or mobile phone through our web site interactively when ever you wish.

    This will avoid missing any important calls for you. Your calls will forward to, via you are reachable or where someone can answer for you.

    Even though you activate the call forwarding feature still you can make any outgoing calls.

    To become a Bell Smart Forward simply dial 1575 or Register today!

    Smart Forward